About Three Winds Equine Services

Stephanie Goodman, the owner of Three Winds Equine Services, began her love of horses at the age of 4 when she was fortunate enough to become immersed in Saratoga Raceway, in Saratoga NY. Begging for a racehorse, her parents realized her passion for riding and started her with her first pony.

Stephanie’s parents encouraged her love of riding and ensured her education buy importing a horse and trainer from Germany in her teen years. Despite her trainers’ background in dressage, Stephanie quickly found a love for eventing.

At the age of 15 she began giving beginner-intermediate lessons for her trainer, as she wanted to pass on her love of riding and education to others. After 4 years as a USEA national eventer she retired after an accident at the intermediate level. Stephanie took some time to finish her education and raise her family.

During Stephanie’s “down time”, she continued to ride privately and broker sport horses both nationally and internationally. However, she missed the barn life, and after 3 years she took a position managing a semi-private 28 stall facility. During this time, Stephanie began to teach the owners children, and realized how much she missed teaching.

Stephanie’s love of horses and people transcends in every aspect of her business. Whether your goal is to be a trail rider or a grand prix jumper, Stephanie takes each rider as an individual and assists them to build better riding skills. If you are looking for your first horse or your FEI partner, Stephanie will utilize her knowledge of horses and her multitude of resources to find you a new partner.   If you can imagine, let Stephanie help guide your equine aspirations to fruition.

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